Shades of yellow and orange streaked the skyline as the evening set in, the sun fondled gently with the horizon, its brilliance seemed diminished, as if tired after a long day. But the bustling streets of the city were teeming with scores of people. Some gathered round outdoor coffee tables, while others seated themselves in diners for a bite to eat. Others marched briskly across the market square, shopping bags in hand, scanning the area for more to buy — the winter sale was almost over. Yet some were oblivious to their surroundings, couples seated in solitude, enjoying the sunset…

When it comes to offering the perfect blend of taste and nutritional value, nothing surpasses fish meat. It is a versatile food, packed with a little bit of everything. And, it offers a high caloric intake in addition to countless health benefits. While some people may not be all thrilled with picking out the bones from the flesh (thank God for finger fish), there are some tried and tested health benefits that only fish meat can endow us.

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Here are five reason why fish meat is great for you and why you can never have enough of it (unless you’ve…

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Life today is more sophisticated than our ancestors could have ever dreamt of. No more do we live every day as a challenge for survival but instead enjoy commodities that the ancients could’ve only fathomed as “out-of-this-world”. This ease and comfort, which was only wishful thinking for our forefathers, has led to a steep decline in people’s health, both physical and mental. A person’s well-being is accounted for by both, their bodily fitness and peace of mind. Without one, the other is incomplete.

In this article, I will unveil some tweaks that you can introduce to three aspects of your…

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Having plants indoors can make the air fresh, detoxify the surroundings, and impart a liveliness to an otherwise lifeless environment. Their sight is a nourishment for both the eyes and the soul, however, some are deterred by the dedication and effort that plant keeping demands. To address this issue, I have listed 10 easy to care plants that you can keep indoors with minimal or no effort at all.

Chinese Evergreens

The Chinese Evergreens, mostly represented by the genus Aglaonema, are beautiful and hardy plants. These herbs are mostly honed for the intricate patterns made by multiple shades on their broad leaves…

Paul Kalanithi’s bestseller book “When Breath becomes Air” highlights his journey from a lifesaver to a patient suffering from a terminal disease. The book eloquently narrates the transition from a care-free life to a struggle for survival in the face of death. Death is certain, and the author, despite having false hopes dangled in front of him, eventually came to terms with his fate. He strived to make the best of his last days and shared the experience with the world.

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The central idea of the book is to let go of the constant pursuit of an ideal life and…

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho narrates the adventure of an Andalusian shepherd named Santiago who embarks on a quest to fulfill his personal legend. The book advocates the pursuit of one’s dreams and dedicating one’s entire will to achieve one’s goals. In an expansive sea of negativity, this book is an isle of optimism and a source of inspiration for millions of readers worldwide.

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Every page of the book is filled with valuable life lessons, and the superb storytelling keeps the reader hooked. I remember how the book captivated and inspired me. …

COVID-19 has hit the world with a devastating force. Since we are locked up in our homes during the quarantine, why not tune things up? There is so much we can work on to improve ourselves and outshine the competition.

While rejection is an ever-present possibility, if a job-seeker misses the target all the time, they can certainly amp up things and become a better candidate. Here is a quick rundown of the skills you can learn to improve your chances at landing your dream job:

Communication skills
Communication is an art. The goal is to get your message across…

So what if you’re cooped up in your home amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic? This quarantine doesn’t have to be a jail, we can make it productive if we put ourselves to it. While the world is gripped with the fear of death in the wake of the viral outbreak, we can still work on personal development. Novels and stories put us in the feet of other characters and show us how they would react to certain situations and what are the consequences of their actions.

Storytelling is natural for human beings and we have been doing so for centuries. Amidst…

Severely repressed for decades and subjected to the most inhumane form of ethnic cleansing, the Palestinian people struggle to survive. The current outbreak has made things worse but life was never easy for them in the first place. The occupation forces dehumanize them and cast them out of their land, in clear violation of international law, and their brethren living in Israel have been refused medical assistance amidst the pandemic.

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100,000 Palestinians have so far been killed by the occupation forces who target unarmed men, women, and children alike. The Israeli government not only refuses to accept their wrongdoings, but…

Death is the only isle of certainty in the uncertain waters of life. No matter where life takes us, death delivers everyone to the same fate. The harder part of life is living while knowing that death lurks everywhere around us. We can hide this feeling by burying ourselves with routine, but that was not the case with Veronica.

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Paulo Coelho’s rendition of a young woman who feels like she’s lived enough, only to realize that she did not “live” at all, is a perfect inspiration for readers. It is very easy to miss out on things, to ignore blessings…

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I am a freelance writer and Biologist, on this blog, I express my thoughts and opinions, mostly based upon stuff I read or explore otherwise.

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